It is just a bike, isn't it?

Tory Hotel Blog: Joe Thomas, 1st March 2021   A new type of bike – power assisted peddling at the press of a button, big fat tyres, cycling up steep hills, not peddling but still moving – what’s going on here?   In truth, I did not know what to expect. I had ridden a bike for years through the hustle and bustle of the streets of Dublin town, dodging cars, busses, and people, and filling my lungs with exhaust fumes – my uncle had an electric bike in the seventies. An electric bike - what could be so different - just an easier bike ride, right?   Our group – all ages; four men, two women - along with our guide, Owen Clarke, left the hotel and headed along the coastal path on the southern side of Tory Island. After navigating the rocky field above the west lake, we eventually came to a halt behind the Tory Island Lighthouse – the scene was dramatic, stunning, beautiful... it had taken all of ten minutes to get there – I knew at that point that this bike ride would be like no other.   With the advantage of precision manual gear changing, the added pleasure of switching the powered assist up and down at leisure, and big fat tyres, we rode past the seal sanctuary on the west, before cycling dramatically (and easily) uphill to Derek Hill’s hut to experience vast expanse of the north Atlantic, and to have a short rest.   From the most north-westerly point of Europe, we then navigated our way across open fields to the northern heights of the three sisters – stopping to take photos along the way - until we finally reached Cloch Mac Gearra, to take in the view of Mearnaid, the high sea stacks, and Tor Mór in the distance. From that stunning vantage point, we cycled further east before eventually turning south toward East Town. We made our way back to the hotel along the tarmac road – the bike felt as light as a feather – the two-hour experience, and what an experience, was over.   PS. Shout out to the three lads that cycled the bikes to the top – a 40 degree incline – of Cloch Mac Gearra!   Technical stuff: Scenic Electric Fat Bike Tours, Bike Model: Leader Fox Braga 2020   The electric bike adventures are the brainchild of Owen Clarke – Off the Beaten Track. The tours will be operating from April at various locations in northwest Donegal - Click here for more details: Off the Beaten Track - Donegal

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The New Corncrake Logo at Tory Island Hotel   The corncrake is synonymous with Tory Island.



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